Our medical director and attending physician Grattan Woodson, M.D., CCD, reviews the technical quality of all bone density tests provided by the Osteoporosis Center of Atlanta. After satisfied that the DXA scan is of satisfactory quality, he then interprets the test by applying the nationally recognized standards and methods established by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry. Dr. Woodson is a diplomat of the ISCD and is designated a Certified Clinical Densitometrist by that body.

Dr WoodsonOur medical director has been involved in all areas of osteoporosis including the conduct of bone density tests and interpretation of the results. Having a comprehensive bone density report that is clearly written that uses language that is understandable by the patient has been an important objective for Dr. Woodson.

To meet this need he and his retired Internist father, Grattan Woodson, Sr. MD coauthored The Osteo Report. This software program produces two reports based upon one set of inputs from the interpreting physician. One letter is written for the patient and the other is written for the doctor. The issues discussed in both letters are identical but the terms used, brevity and expressions are crafted for the recipient.

Using the Osteo Report, Dr. Woodson is able to explain the bone density test result findings in plain language free of medical jargon. This results in a simple easy to understand report for the patient. At the same time, his letter to the referring physician is terse, packed with medical terminology and designed for the busy clinician that wants the bottom line without any fluff.

The Osteoporosis Center of Atlanta sends its patients an automated letter based on the recommendation Dr. Woodson makes in his letter to the patient in the Osteo Report. This reminder letter is sent to the patient about 1 month before they are due to have their follow bone density test. This helps them to remember to make their appointment and avoids them making it too soon so it is covered by their insurance.