Osteoporosis is a syndrome that represents a common pathway that many conditions take the adversely affect the skeleton causing it to become frail and fracture prone. Osteoporosis affects many people from all ancestries for different reasons.

Osteoporosis affects white womenOsteoporosis affects white women of Northern European ancestry more often than other humans due to an osteoporosis genetic complex that is triggered by estrogen deficiency occurring at menopause.

  • One in five of these women will have another secondary cause of osteoporosis.
  • 7% of white women are osteoporotic upon entering menopause meaning the abrupt loss of estrogen and testosterone that signifies that life event has little to do with their bone condition.
  • 43% are osteopenic when they become menopausal.
  • 50% have normal bone density at menopause.


Over then next 30 years, another 8% of the remaining white women will develop osteoporosis.

  • In the final analysis, osteoporosis will affect 15% of white women who live beyond 50 years of age.
  • This small group will experience of 15% will experience 50% of the fractures attributed to osteoporosis.
  • The remaining fractures that can be attributed to osteoporosis representing 50% of the total occur predominately in the white osteopenic women who represent 35% of all living postmenopausal women.


Osteoporosis affects white menOsteoporosis affects white men who have the same osteoporosis genetic complex, as white women. They experience 60% fewer fractures than white women because there is no equivalent of a menopause trigger to trigger the genetic osteoporosis complex. When white men become hypogonadal, the genetic osteoporosis complex is triggered and they experience fracture rates similar to white women.

Idiopathic osteoporosis is more common in white men than in other humans.

Osteoporosis affects postmenopausal African American women


Osteoporosis affects postmenopausal African American women but their fracture rates are only 40% as high as that seen in age matched white women. They do not have the OGC that causes accelerated bone loss over and above the natural loss that occurs in all women. African American men experience age related hip fractures at a rate that is about 60% lower than is seen for age matched white women.

Osteoporosis occurs in postmenopausal women of Asian originOsteoporosis occurs in postmenopausal women of Asian origin but the fracture rates are only 40% as common as it is in white women matched for age. They have lower rates of hip fracture even though they have 10% lower bone density than white women. The principal reason for the lower fracture rates in Asian women is they lack the OGC phenotype carried by white women. Fractures in Asian women are driven by age more than any other factor.

Osteoporosis occurs in postmenopausal women of Hispanic origin with fracture rates about 40% lower than that seen in white women. These women lack to OCG phenoptype and this is the primary reason they have lower fracture rates. Their hip fracture rates are some of the lowest world.