The Osteoporosis Center is located in the middle of North Atlanta, a metropolitan area of 5.4 million people as of 2017. Our center is easy for Atlantans to reach from all parts of the metro area because of the highway and surface street design. We are within ¼ mile from a major MARTA rapid rail station. The traffic light pattern and left lane design favors people wishing to come to or leave our office from all directions. For a city whose reputation for bad traffic is well deserved, our facility has a privileged status where it has every conceivable advantage it could have, not by design or planning but by simple serendipity.

Our office is on the second floor of a newly completed multi-use solid class B three-story building. It is designed for retail business on the first floor, professional and business offices on the second, and residential condominiums on the third. The area around our office has been redeveloped over the last decade and is a vibrant, safe, and friendly place to work and play. It is alive day and night and there is always something of interest happening in our little corner of Atlanta, now called Brookhaven.

While our building is a living place, day and night, we have parking availability for all and the parking is free and located next to the building within reasonable walking distance.

ARC office location

1418 Dresden Dr., Suite #225, Atlanta, GA