Brenda Travis, CBDT is responsible for the conduct of all bone density tests performed here at the Osteoporosis Center of Atlanta. She has been certified by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry as a Certified Bone Density Technologist since XXXX. She has been a densitometrist for our center since 1997 and has performed over 15,000 bone density studies. She is responsible for managing and implementation of our quality assurance program for bone densitometry, which has been in place continuously since 2006 at our center.

BrendaBrenda’s accuracy is reviewed regularly by osteoporosis research coordinating centers that manage the quality of the scans we obtain for research studies we participate in. The coordinating center’s also circulate a quality assurance phantom for her to scan and analyze multiple times to test her accuracy and precision. Each time we begin a new research study the coordinating study initiates a series of DXA training courses that Brenda participates in also.

Brenda participates in continuing medical education activities on a regular basis necessary to maintain her ISCD certification.

There is no doubt that the professionalism of Brenda Travis, CBDT, her tireless continuous quality assurance program activities and practices, her unmatched skill as a densitometrist are some of the principal reasons our center is the gold standard for accuracy and precision in bone density testing in the Southeastern United States.