At the Osteoporosis Center of Atlanta, we use a comprehensive method to report bone density tests. The Osteo Report is the method we use to provide the patient, and all their doctors complete reports.

Our typed reports includes:

  • The patient’s name
  • The date of the test
  • The name of the referring doctor
  • The indication for the test
  • The vertebral fracture assessment of the spine thoracic and lumbar spine X-ray
  • The diagnosis
  • A comparison with the previous test is this is a follow exam
  • The fracture risk assessment
  • The FRAX (WHO fracture risk assessment)
  • The plan for tests or procedures
  • The treatment plan for calcium, vitamin D, exercise and medications
  • A recommendation to see the patients primary care provider
  • A recommendation for when the patient should have a follow up bone density test


All patients having a bone density test here receive this comprehensive test in the mail. In addition to this report we also include color pictures of all the sites tested during the visit to our center.

No other center in the Atlanta region provides patients with a comprehensive report of this quality or completeness.